BNCOC Phase II, Camp Grafton, North Dakota

(Basic Noncomissioned Officer Course, MOS 51H30, June 1, 2002 - June12, 2002)

MOS 51B30, or for the non-military people this means Military Occupational Specialty, or my job as a construction supervisor. During this two week school we were trained as construction supervisors, which means we would supervise carpenters, electricians and plumbers. As a part of graduation requirments we built this plumbing system on the right, which we also tested. I am not really testing here, just pretending. As a test subject only water was used.

At the end of the two weeks course we had to take a part in the daily routine of taking the flag down at 5:00 PM on the left.


One may wonder what the North Dakota country is all about. Well, all I've got to say, this part is about Devil's Lake and further north there is the indian reservation famous for its casinos. The casinos are almost like we Californinans well know from our occassional departures to Nevada, except they are dry. I mean, you can get water, soda, OJ and that's about it.

That is like over there, the water on both sides of the road is Devil's Lake and in the distance there is one of the dry casinos.

To be continued...