Florida de Marcala

On the road 1

On the road 2

On the road 3

Honduran base

Honduran base 2

In town

In town 2

In town 3

In town 4

In town 5

In town 6

In town 7

In town 8

In town 9

In town 10


In town 11

In town 12

In town 13


Dinner time

Dinner menu

The future school

Snack time

Work site

The guards

Leach field

Whole site

Marcala school

Our quarters

Work in progress

View during lunch

Marcala base

Abandoned dog

Walking up the hill

The locals

Walk in the jungle

The view from top

The local stylel

View during lunch 2

Near worksite

The sheep

Septic tank

Septic in the hole

Work progress

Work progress 2

Sunset at Marcala

Old fashioned

School time

Around the work site

Jungle walk

Leach field

The front gate

View at departure