Shortly after the orders came, I arrived at an US Army base in Kentucky to report to my new unit. I stayed there for about a week, then I left with my new friends to the training station at Fort Dix, NJ.

Fort Dix, NJ

At Fort Dix we were supposed to be trained to be ready for our mission in Iraq. It included all the administrative tasks necessary and then the most crucial aspect - the combat skills training. We had couple or breaks so far: The 4th of July break which I used to get out from the base and tour New York City and Philadelphia with one of my good old friends. The other break was when we organized a field trip to Washington DC. One of the highlights of the training at Dix was the gas chamber. I made a short video of this event, but I am not making it available yet, so you may take a look at couple of pictures, you can see these here.


We arrived in Kuwait couple of months ago. Done some stuff here and there and now almost all my buddies are up north. I stayed behind fulfilling some special duties feeling kind of lonely since I don't know anybody here.

Some time ago I received in the email picture of a suicide bomber who got picked up by a sniper from Alabama National Guard in a "Green Zone" in Iraq . Warning!!! The photo is extremely graphic!! Easily disturbed individuals, please ignore this link!!! In case you still want to see what .50 caliber sniper rifle can do to our enemies, click here...

Iraq coming...